Yuasa Battery SLA 12V 1.2Ah

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  • Superb recovery from deep discharge.
  • Electrolyte suspension system.
  • Gas Recombination.
  • Multipurpose: Float or Cyclic use.
  • Usable in any orientation (except continuous inverted).
  • Superior energy density.
  • Lead calcium grids for extended life.
  • Long cycle life.
  • Long shelf life.


  • Do not Short Circuit
  • Do not charge in a sealed container
  • Service life and operational characteristics will be affected by temperature
  • AC Ripple reduces service life.

Download Information

Yuasa NP1.2-12 Datasheet

Technical Specification

Nominal Capacity
20hr to 1.75vpc 30°C
10hr to 1.75vpc 20°C 1.1
5hr to 1.70vpc 20°C 1
1hr to 1.60vpc 20°C 0.7
Voltage 12
Energy Density (Wh.L.20hr) 61
Specific Energy (Wh.kg.20hr)
Int. Resistance (m.Ohms) 110
Maximum discharge (A) 12
Short Circuit current (A) 36
Length 97
Width 48
Height overall 54.5
Weight (Kg)
Terminal A
Layout 3
Terminal Torque Nm -

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