System Sensor ECO1003 Photoelectric Optical Detector

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The ECO1003 photoelectric smoke detector uses a state of the art optical chamber combined with an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to provide quick and accurate detection of fires.

A wide operating voltage of 8 to 30V DC means that the ECO1000 range of detectors can be used with all Noby UK Fire Alarm Control Panels.

The ECO1003’s chamber has been specifically designed to be highly tolerant to the long term build-up of dust and other airborne contaminants. This high level of immunity significantly reduces the potential for unwanted alarms caused by settled dust increasing the detector’s sensitivity. Additional immunity to unwanted alarms arising from shortlived transients is also provided through the use of special signal processing.

The end result is an extremely stable detector with the potential to extend significantly the period before cleaning is required.

Download Information

ECO1003 Detector Datasheet
ECO1000 Range Brochure

Technical Specification

Detector ECO1003 Photoelectric
Features Standard
Supply Voltage 8 - 30Vdc
Average quiescent current @ 24V 45µA
Alarm Current @ 28V 70mA
Alarm Indication Red LED
Normal Operating Temperature -30 to +70°C

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